Kurtis up and down, in addition to former Pei Naochun they are not “serious” work, they make a living, is then 杭州夜网论坛received some ghosts around, feng shui, fortune-telling live, the cost of collection points, they can be self-sufficient, As for the other end of metaphysics will be annually will give a fixed tasks, meeting requests, pay is not high, it can be returned to pay five insurance payments –
  Of course, this matter was heard Pei Naochun, he almost could not believe my ears, after all it, what position will the metaphysics, in his view, it is estimated that half of civil society organizations, even if there are wages, also What should be the cultivation sector resources, this kind of thing, I did not expect, there is still a decent wage, and even back office insurance, provident fund.
  And like today, that is, he had to go out “work” days, as to what?Pei Naochun could not help but look sad looking at is that playing mobile phone addi杭州夜网论坛ction father.
  ”See what I do?”Pei Grandpa cleared his throat and touched his granddaughter’s head,” I’m this age, you want me on a mission fails?Besides, we Ming Xuan homework, I did not teach, do you want to teach?”His face was confident.
  Pei Mingxuan gifted in school, she has managed to get a good teacher is someone yo都市夜网u know, they can recommend homework after counseling ahead of time, but also over the future course similar to the Mathematical Olympiad and the like, are also associated with an increased amount of knowledge.
  As we all know, this thinking of students, and ordinary people are not the same, but added Pei Naochun counseling can be just their daily training, have been enough to him too much, actually lose its power to accompany their father occupied the Ming Xuan reading things almost every day, he read books dizziness, vertigo

  ”it is good.”Pei Naochun relieved, he stood up, turned around and side edge opening: ‘Yes, ki上海419论坛ds, how you want.’Sentence was instantly ordered a halt, unable to sound.
  He simply watched and also just ordinary people, like the little boy gave him a shy smile, want to nod, then his head fell off directly from the head, rolling on the ground for several laps he was only picked it up: “you call me uncle good enough.”An up his head, neck and head can see the middle bars have obvious scars as a dividing line, he Debu prison, so tilted smile, his head fell off again.
  ”.The vast, you just do not grow so ah?”Under extreme impact, but it can calm the men, and Pei Naochun could not resist the impulse to gestures with his head,” just your head, obviously stuck on top of it!”
  The vast bow, made a shy demeanor: “This is not a stranger in, I do not have the nerve to do?”He was particularly enthusiastic to pick his head down,” his uncle can g南宁桑拿论坛et hit people, hurt, you can also take him play, I would kick myself sometimes boring.”
  Pei Naochun did not react, the hand has been stuffed with a melon head, had his life not so fast, with lightning speed, speed, these reinstall in the top of his head good neck, position accuracy: ” we on the outside 苏州夜网can be hesitant to come off his head.”
  ”I know, Uncle.”The vast lovingly nod, can only move the body and neck, then head on reaction seems not really to be wore like a ball, motionless.
  Too, Pei Naochun finally did not hold back shares this impact, a black eye, directly fell down, before the Pro to fall, he heard the distant sound of Pei grandfather with a smile: “Old Devil, do not let Naochun and fell.”Then the sound of laughter is without cover, as well as vast helpless voices:” Uncle how do you?Are you OK?”
  I have something, as long as you put your head installed, I was all right.Pei Naochun stumbled, and had to answer.
  Also, this Kurtis sooner or later it intact?How can such a fool, but he happily see his son’s father

  Recall the past poured into the brain, tea Pei Grandpa’s hand could not resis深圳桑拿网t a slight pause, a long while he finally spoke up: “I’m right that we should never, Naochun see them, do not be stunned to be thankful.”
  ”Also, they were afraid Naochun scared, actually chose to go behind the guy.”Ghost grandfather heavy nod, behind the ghost Court, had some deep resentment of the ghost, they n广州桑拿网ormally have maintained their shape before his death, which is the stranger in, will cover a little obscure, like a normal person exposed look, afraid Pei Naochun last election to choose to go, but check these looks normal, powerful return powerful, then they had better daily life.
  ”Dad, Grandpa ghost, I came out.”Pei Naochun also kick it with gas, small hands clutching the other hand,” I picked out, to him, do not let me go, he is my future Guishi the.”
  Just this, so he turned a corner, greeted by such a small boy, alone and sat there, holding hands and knees, does not speak, looks very poor, and to see her daughter little boy the same age, Pei Naochun heart Dousheng something incredible gentleness, he just hold the boy’s hand, throws a timid questioning in each other’s eyes, the boy kinda cute, and asked him to confirm it?He cer苏州夜网tainly confirm, after all, he did not want to continue to stay, when the little boy nodded too, so he was sent to the Court of ghost door.
  ”Naochun, are you sure you want to vote for him to do it Guishi?”Pei Grandpa could not help revealing a subtle smile.
  If in peacetime, Pei Naochun will not find one, be in the moment, the brain is a blank but he just nodded: “OK, OK!”He was a bit wary look to Pei Grandpa,” You do not want me to go in the election for once.”He always felt ill grandfather Pei.
  ”OK, now that you determine just fine.”Pei Grandpa immediately got up, greeted ghost grandfather to leave,” that the two of you get along, understanding the culture, but also with the task m

  Ruanguo Hua Gehong Wei by the bicycle, is twenty-eight parallel bars, the upper front horizontal bar sitting Fangxiu Lan, Ruan Zhiwen sitting on the seat back, arms Chuaizhao two volumes patty.
  At noon, a pound of flour plus a Tangci Gang green onion, baked out of a total of more than a dozen sheets of thin pancakes, just pan when Fang Xiulan gave ROCKETS two, eat half Ruan rain on the full, and Fang Xiulan Zhou Xiu深圳桑拿网ying two people together, ate two and a half, while Ruan Guohua and Ruan Zhiwen all men, especially Ruan Zhiwen, it is teenagers, boy I was eating when he was a person ate two and a half, and even better than Ruan Guohua also probably eat out more.
  The remaining half, Zhou Xiuying also say so, this half to keep Xiaolei, others less, eat less, although not wait to see her ward who, but for this Xiaolei-grandson, she is also the face psyche the pain of.
  It all went ten cakes, and Ruan Zhiwu than Ruan Zhiwen can eat, Ruan Zhiwen gave him a three, keep their own big brother to eat belly full, because the fear of cold, cake along the way Ruan Zhiwen regard to the attached chest stood.
  Home to the last two remaining cake, Ruan Fang Xiulan rain, leaving her with the last fifty-six trotters meat, said to her afternoon snacks to eat广州桑拿网 when, where she will eat it directly with the trotters meatloaf roll bar, but also a large fern salad clip chopsticks, so a pack, rolled into a meatloaf.
  Took her father aluminum lunch boxes with rice to find out, Ruan Guohua early years is a pretty love, and what trendy tight to something, when he and Fang Xiulan married, bought two aluminum boxes, is a much better use year.
  Today, they are home for dinner at noon, which is no access to natural aluminum lunch boxes, resting on the family.
  Rain is helpful, she looked inside the pot so that her mother had left her children one-sided soup bowl, then shaved clean, they did not have, apparently ward eaten.
  Her face some ugly, it is she prepare

sty, Lu Hongying quickly found a broom to help, deterred around her eyes, but not Yunfang figure, flower Xue whispered, “Aunt Liu did not上海419同城对对碰 come today?She is really sick or not sick ah?”Farms in the matter, Or have aesthetic basis, the top days is the age difference, the idea of beauty is slightly different, can generally still the same, Weekdays, and we all generally live normal life in the House ghost, the ghost yet even those will make-up, but if a stranger came in, it is not the same, but rather deliberately dressed as scary look, people have to put hopping scared not even been inanimate, do not participate in the activities of ghost xiaonianqing own grandfather, then do not I can not help but follow the play several times.

  Pei do not know where my grandfather took out a mug, is drinking tea, authentic meaningful: “We Pei family, had to hurdle.”
  He would never admit that it was his bad taste from the heart, you know, the same year his young age, after en南宁桑拿论坛tering the House ghosts are scared rapid heart beat, after all, no one can tell them to learn these Fearless, We had a lesson on the solution of the plane, where the head of a large slaughterhouse is simply walking right?He finally lost the same way, and caught the last straw – barely looked not so scary ghost grandfather, a successful escape this raw day, back to reality.
  ”But who would not know Naochun.”Ghost grandfather curious to think up,” red good-looking, xiaonianqing would like to read.”
  Pei grandfather came into my mind, is the last time he saw the ghost in red, the other a red fluttering, directed him to open his clothes, he quickly closed his eyes, peripheral vision finally see is red skeletons and organs under clothing, inexplicable horror.
  ”There may be a sword, his former general-turned, very domineering, I think you see web pages, ads do not jump old?What Dragon sword, click send, sword himself with a knife it!”Ghost grandfather in it a long time, neighbors were also very understanding,” or long

  Luming Wen an ‘I know it is so’ expression, those who do not think about Lu Hongying who is born, hit her idea, which blames him for skin tightening?
  Speaking Lu Hongying two brothers beating heart is called a mood of emotion, and are truly proud, Xue Huahua not a good gas called them, “not quickly washed up for dinner, I was not going to feed you ah.”Lu Hongying 深圳桑拿全套not indiscriminate white people, since her hands, the other certainly doing something wrong, Xue Huahua not deny that they have ulterior motives, but more often she believes the character Lu Hongying.
  Sure, she asked Lu Hongying fight reason, Lu Hongying and she says the reason, where looting is what Tangci Gang, the other side is clearly ill-intentioned, thanks to Lu Jianxun took half of the sentence would start running, or else things spread of Lu Hongying reputation not good.
  ”Mom, can not Gulao four swinging in front of me, you do not worry.”Lu Hongying did not put Gulao four thing in mind, even if from time to time Grandmother Jia went outside school called her an old maid, she’ll never marry is not afraid, the body is a soft pillow, if she behaved timid, that was when it went Jia Mu.
  Xue Flower reminded her, “you are a girl, 北京夜网more attention point is good, and then later hear of such a thing, you do not tell people to push throw into confusion the hands, they call your brother to come forward, so many years eating a meal, always dry point What job.”
  Lu Hongying imagine a situation Luming Wen Fan Lu Dewen got angry with people fighting, it or forget to two timid character, certainly can not stand the upper hand, Lu Dewen exclusion is exclusion have to go out, that certainly is a trick ‘you fight, you kill me ah, “and Luming Wen, minced raised his hand, hit the panic I do not know what the other side.
  To really as neat as her hands.
  Xue Flower broom sweep pigsty, will be able to call it a day to go home sweep of the pig

  Lu Jianxun and careless on this character, who would worship him ah深圳桑拿网?
  Honestly, Lu Jianxun himself does not understand what happened, but he just went to the field Jia’s trouble, after Lu Hongying teach him a lesson nosy, her own hatred of their own newspaper, he inserted what hand, she had four beat Jialao a few things over, he literally made well known to get involved.
  Lu Jianxun beat Jialao four things Luming Wen and Lu Dewen in school have heard more, this time to listen Xue Flower asked, Luming Wen is very positive show of hands, “I know I know, Gulao four rob Sanmei the Tangci Gang, four brothers to Sanmei succeed, go jiajiachang man to beat, the whole commune primary school are aware of this matter, are much too brave boast four brothers.”
  For Lu Jianxun, the Lu Hongying help early is a matter of course, nothing good praise. On the contrary, if you know being bullied own sister turned a 深圳桑拿网deaf ear, as the people are cast aside, he just did the thing they should do it, Therefore, he said, “people who utter the school, they said I went to the Jia Jia’s scared ass urine flow of people hiding under the bed afraid to come out, just not like that, Grandmother Jia want to cry bitterly I tried to come forward with, but no one did not help her hands.”
  Xue Flower surprised her every day at the farm, no matter how Lu Hongying asked in school, are they not know you were robbed of things.
  Tangci Gang Lu Hongying and West is to use the lunch, there are people who did not expect this thing to grab, “you beat people, people will not retaliate Sanmei it?”
  ”They dare?Third Sister I have a good and bad, they kill my whole family.”Lu Jianxun angry fist grip, Luming Wen next tugged at his arm,” to Sanmei character, where we need it 深圳桑拿网to come forward, she will be able to cut them all.”Lu Hongying character with his mother, can not eat the slightest loss, whoever she bother.
  ”Right right right, Third Sister is really very power

  Xue Flower Originally did not 上海夜网care, he just raised his ulterior expression of doubt, “ranks the fourth, the tofu to me.”
  Lu Jianxun a stiff back, stammered said: “Mom, is the sheets of paper, wiping with feces, nothing special.”So on the mouth, the body instinctively turned around, slowly pulled out a pocket of tofu, his face flushed and handed Xue Huahua see.

Articles of Chapter Need for mother
  Xue Flower staring awhile, Luming Wen leaned over next to the curious, direct read out, Lu Jianxun blush became persimmon, gently kick his heels down, “great ah know the words, they will look mom.”Hmmm Qingqing expansion of the tofu, mouth complained Lu Hongying harm,” Mom, you did not know what the third sister school, she obviously I hear of trouble to help her succeed, and she called me the scourge of the flowers she does not think I’m better than animals wh杭州桑拿洗浴o do?Said pro-siblings, she did not believe me.”
  Lu Hongying the very beginning the letter to him that he simply does not know what happened, Lu Hongying about face on a scolding, and said to let him beat Xue Flower, scared he could not sleep at night, think truthfully tell Xue Huahua it, they complain that he Lu Hongying usele苏州桑拿网ss, the slightest thing to find Xue Huahua make a decision, which makes him no way, did not say who hold in their hearts.
  Xue Huahua more convinced that should not hide, “Mom, I did not mean to hide, you do not know the school girl more than tough, tofu I hit it, they just next chattered endlessly, noisy I was almost deaf ears.”More importantly, watch him play too much tofu, and he can not show too assertive, he just forced myself to lose some out, so too blatantly lead to trouble.
  Because of this, he was troubled yet.
  Xue Huahua watched two lines, my heart slightly surprised, she did not sense wrong, write a love letter, right, school students to understand just how much these points the old?She t

  To this end, Lu Jianxun very worried, “Brother, you say Mom or let the exam next year which moved to the current situation, the entire exam smashed Zage?”Title literacy exam was originally Please farm people out, after Luomeng Ying know, very enthusiastic teacher offered to help her out of the question, please, university teacher out of the question, the difficulty can be imagined.
  He was afraid of a bad test.
  ”Romania is estimated to have educated youth and university exam teacher said something, send over the papers she would ask the results, I am sorry to say we did not test it?”
  Lu Jianxun grabbed her hair, “Forget it, test it test it, brother, you quickly to help me look at this question.北京夜网
  Study into the state of the three brothers is difficult to distract attention to other issues, Xue and Zhao Caizhi flower home they will not even notice, Xue Huahua did not bother them, pot meals is somehow the morning, you can eat hot , food on the table, three brothers only received the papers and pens, this time, the stuff I do not know where to search out a few sheets of paper, folded his full regulatory rules tofu flower to see Xue, “Grandma, this paper is not to do?”
  Lu Jianxun bow, instant, blushing through and through!
  He recalled that two days before Lu Hongying holding sheets of paper in front of him to give Xue Huang said the flower appears, gnaw on to the hands of the stuff?Just at that moment, he reached over to put tofu wins, “paper is mine, you find out from where the?”
  His great strength, stuff with the people he was staggered two steps forward, after the firm, he pointed outside Lu Hongying room, “the aunt picked up the door, just not your.”
  ”I said I is my.”Lu Jianxun hastily put tofu into his pocket, ferocious stare eye stuff,” after shouting my stuff I hit you ah!”
  East curl one’s lip, “obviously is not yours, 杭州桑拿洗浴aunt, top with the name of aunt.”
  Lu Jianxun snorted, “obviously my name, OK.”
  A voice off, realize that their

  Some school classroom windows stuffed straw blocked after a bad light, had unbuttoned, cold wind whistling inside irrigation, hands and feet inside the children from morning to night did not warm too, he really do not know how thos苏州夜网e children endure over.
  ”It is not?I treasure them too big, and I want to take old clothes to give them pairs of shoes, two brothers said nothing to wear, asked me to keep the money to buy them a pad and pen, Jianxun, more often you go to school, see my family is not too great treasure to write like that?”Sungui fairy look eagerly asked.
  Lu Jianxun choking the two, guilty eyes aim at Sungui cents, “they should be okay, I heard the big treasure shout too cold, if cold, they’ll say to myself?”
  ”Also, my great treasure them sensible, thoughts are on the study, and said final exam to test for double the percentage it.”
  Lu Jianxun then do not go to Liu Dabao results, pass on the good language of mathematics, test 100, leather fear is blown a little big, he perfunctory nod, Xue Huahua said, “Mom, I went home to practice title went to Kazakhstan, yesterday proper way math is wrong, the reason I have not found yet.”
  Xue Flower waved, let him go back to sewing basket lifting and by taking stuff home.
  Although Lu Jianxun addicted to tofu playing games, learning also nose to the grindstone, Seeing distance getting closer examination, the thre北京夜生活e brothers are very nervous, nervous to not open book on the kind of sleep every day, they is Lu Hongying, not in class at school will also come up with questions to practice, but fortunately mathematics, history, geography easy to overlook some of the details, maybe it is cold weather does not mind moving up because of the recent problems they do make mistakes, but some pro