Obesity and liposuction

Obesity and liposuction

In daily life, people often have weight to some people who are fat and thin.

The so-called body weight is the total weight of various organs, bones, a few tissues and body fluids.

In the case of bones and body fluids are basically similar in all aspects, the number of people and people is the first priority.

The medical profession often uses the body mass index to reduce body weight. The body mass index is calculated as: body mass index = body weight (kg) and height squared.

  Body mass index can vary by nationality and age.

The general population has a normal value of 19-24. If the body mass index is overweight between 24-26, it is considered to be mildly obese when it is greater than 26, and it is considered obese if it is greater than 28.

  Obesity is a common concern today, and there are many reasons for it. In addition to disease factors, eating more and less consumption, metabolic imbalance, or endocrine dysfunction, or genetic factors can cause seriousness.

Human obesity is mainly the result of unfortunate increases in cell volume and increased numbers.

Generally, women will have obesity in the abdomen, waist, buttocks and thighs after pregnancy and lactation, or when they reach middle age, there will be abdominal, hip and sputum on the ground.

Some people are only partially temporary accumulation, which directly affects the beauty of the body shape, so that these people do not reach the perfect standard, which affects spiritual and social activities.

In addition, obesity can also be combined with hyperlipidemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, cholecystitis, retinitis and other diseases, directly threatening human health.

Therefore, weight loss is of great significance for improving human health.

  Liposuction is a new method of weight loss. It uses negative pressure to remove too much hypertrophic micro-cells under the skin to improve body shape and achieve bodybuilding.

This is a surgical procedure that uses a small amount (generally 0).

About 5 cm) Insert the implant into the fecal layer and connect the negative pressure suction device to reduce the feces, which can effectively treat obesity.

After the abdominal fracture, the abdominal circumference can be reduced by 4-5 cm, and the ideal one can reach 8-10 cm.

After the improvement, the elastic retractive force of the skin and the elastic tights can be used to shape the weight loss.

  What kind of person is suitable for liposuction?

Young people with local fecal accumulation or local accumulation, light, moderately excessive and good skin elasticity are suitable for fecal procedures.

In terms of the site, the abdomen, the waist, the inner and outer sides of the hip thigh, the ankle alignment, the outer side of the upper arm and the shoulder are suitable for liposuction.

However, the aunt’s surgery is a surgical scale, so it is necessary to go through the doctor’s examination and approval before accepting the aunt’s surgery, and be fully prepared.

  It should also be pointed out that although liposuction sucks out a small amount of extra cells, it is reduced to a certain extent, but if you do not control your diet, do not strengthen physical exercise, excessive trampling, and occasional accumulation.

Therefore, in order to shape bodybuilding, only scientific diet, adhere to physical exercise, if necessary, use surgical weight loss methods, comprehensive prevention of obesity, in order to achieve the perfect state of body beauty.