[Can I eat dried beans?]_Can you eat them? Can you eat them?

[Can I eat dried beans?]_Can you eat them? Can you eat them?

Because fresh beans are not easy to be fibrillated if they are not stored properly. The taste of the beans at this time is not so crisp.

Therefore, if there are too many beans in the family, many people like to dry the beans to make dried beans, because the fried beans are also a very delicious side dish.

However, some people’s family is too excessive, which causes the dried beans to mold during the placing process. Can the dried beans be eaten at this time?

Dried beans are moldy and cannot be eaten.

First of all, moldy foods contain a large amount of mold, which will cause the digestive tract flora to rupture, food poisoning, and even cause acute abdomen, which is life-threatening.

Therefore, eating moldy foods can cause molders to invade the blood or respiratory tract and cause major problems.

Third, moldy foods often contain aflatoxin, which is a world-recognized number one carcinogen. It can cause aflatoxin for a long time and cause cancer in multiple organs.

How to deal with moldy dried beans? Moldy molds prove that in the process of drying and drying, high moisture will mold. It is recommended not to eat it and throw it away.

How long can the dried beans be eaten? Soak the dried beans in warm water for 20 minutes, wash the impurities inside, boil the water in the pot, consume one star anise and two fragrant leaves, and put the washed dried beans in it.

The content of vitamin B in dried beans is very high. This nutrient component has a good conditioning effect on the stomach and intestines, can promote intestinal peristalsis, and help the stomach and stomach to effectively digest food.

Eating dried beans regularly can reduce the bloating caused by indigestion, reduce the incidence of vomiting, and reduce the possibility of diarrhea, so it can have a strong preventive effect on gastroenteritis.

How to Soak Dried Beans Soak dried beans in cold water for about 2 hours.

However, it is easy to soak with hot water, and it can also be boiled with boiling water, as long as the nutrients are lost.

1. Clean it first, then soak it for 1 hour, then wash it again, and soak it for 1 hour.

2. Then drain the water and set aside.

3. Squeeze the water before cooking.

This will make the beans more delicious.