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Daquan of Chemistry, Physics, Natural Exfoliation

Excessive keratin will hinder skin metabolism, prevent skin from absorbing nutrients, and make skin tone dull, rough skin, and even cause acne problems.

Therefore, regular exfoliation is an essential step in skin care.

So what are the methods of exfoliating and what are their skills?

Let Xiaobian introduce you to a full range of chemical, physical, and natural raw material exfoliating methods!


hzh {display: none; }  一、化学性去角质法  以化学物质来软化、清除角质,多半是采用AHA、BHA等果酸性成分、石碳酸、乳酸、甘醇酸及水杨酸等多种配方, Promote the growth of collagen fibers in the dermis, and have obvious effects on eliminating dark spots, acne and improving rough skin.

  1. Toner can soften the horny skin. Toner softens the skin and makes the skin soft and smooth. Generally, the pH value is slightly alkaline.

It can help the skin to speed up the removal of aging cells and make the skin fresher. It is suitable for darker oily and combination skin.

Acne-free lotion usually contains salicylic acid with the same ingredients, because it can help exfoliate the skin, and it has a certain bactericidal and acne-removing effect.

But some people are allergic to salicylic acid, so look at the surface when buying.

  Tip: wipe the cleaned skin with a cotton pad saturated with toner, avoiding around the eyes, repeat 3?
5 times.

There are two main points. First, you must wipe with a cotton pad to take away the old waste keratin. In addition, the amount of use must be sufficient, otherwise it will easily cause friction damage to the skin.

  2. The cleansing cream has a cream-like shape and usage to improve the skin’s metabolism function. It contains additives that promote blood circulation and improve the skin’s metabolism function. After reorganization, the skin can show smooth and clear elasticity and vitality.

Particularly dry and mature skin, use after staying up all night and in case of skin weakness.

  Tip: Use when skin feels extremely dull and lacking vitality, or before maintaining day or night cream.

  3. Essence lotion containing dissolved dead skin and dirt, and Essence lotion containing dissolved dead skin and dirt. Long-term use can smoothen rough and pore marks, and lighten the marks formed by pigmentation.

Suitable for skin with multiple problems such as pores, fine lines and dull complexion.

  Tip: After cleaning every night, apply before maintenance night cream, gently massage with fingers until fully absorbed.

Now there is a complex fruit acid rejuvenating serum available on the market. MMs with sensitive skin should be careful when buying and look at the table!

  4. Fruit acid is a popular exfoliating ingredient added to skincare products. It is a popular exfoliating ingredient added to skincare products. It is extracted from natural fruits or artificially synthesized.

The effect varies according to the acidity. It is usually used to remove spots and lighten scars. The effect is obvious, but it is also dangerous.

Generally, after using fruit acid to rejuvenate the skin, the skin will become red and swollen, and peeling, and some people will even itch, and the skin becomes fragile and sensitive.

The use of products with an acid content of more than 15% requires professional medical personnel to operate. If you perform fruit acid rejuvenation at home, it is likely to cause chemical burns to the skin.

Suitable for areas with scars and spots on the skin, horny layer hyperplasia, especially rough skin.

  Tip: If the acidity is weak, you can massage it locally. If you use it further, you need the diagnosis and guidance of a dermatologist.

This method of fruit acid rejuvenation is recommended for MMs to proceed with caution.

  Second, physical exfoliation.

hzh {display: none; }  物理性去角质是借助细小的颗粒或纤维与皮肤磨擦,可以较深入地清除老废角质,我们常见的磨砂膏、丝瓜络或织布洁肤棉,就是属于物理性Exfoliate.
  1. Scrubs are the most widely used exfoliating and deep cleansing skin care products.

After years of updating, the particles in the emulsion have changed from synthetic raw materials to natural plant or mineral fibers, making the touch softer.

It is suitable for the skin with large pores and forehead and nose wings that love to produce oil, but it can not have redness and inflammation.

  Tip: Take the size of your thumb and apply it evenly on the skin. Be careful not to open your eyes. Gently massage your hands with a small circle from the inside to the outside. Change the nasal cavity from outside to inside for 5?
10 minutes.

  2. The cleansing brush cleansing milk can clean the dirt in the pores more thoroughly. The round soft bristle brush with handle can cooperate with the cleansing milk to clean the dirt in the pores more thoroughly. It can also remove some aged keratinocytes.
Suitable for any skin except sensitive skin, daily use can properly extend the interval of deep cleansing.

  Tip: When cleaning with facial cleanser every night, gently brush the entire face with the brush handle in a circular manner, focusing on cleaning around the nose, and pay attention to not hurt the skin.

  3. Exfoliating cotton also contains fruit acid component, and exfoliating cotton also contains fruit acid component, but it is more convenient to use.
Because it is as thick as a cleansing cotton, it generally does not appear exfoliating.

It is famous for its convenience for carrying, suitable for traveling and traveling.
  Tip: After cleansing, moisten the exfoliating cotton with water and wipe it in a circular motion on the face.

Similarly, the MM of this exfoliating cotton sensitive muscle with a fruit acid component should be used with caution.

  Third, natural raw material exfoliation Natural raw material exfoliation combines the common characteristics of physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation, which is safer.

For example, red bean powder has exfoliating and whitening functions, oatmeal contains a variety of minerals and vitamins, and coarse sea salt particles have anti-inflammatory and edema-removing functions.

After processing at home, you can add a little honey or milk, which is a very good natural exfoliant, but you must use it early and don’t put it out of smell.

In addition, there are some masks made of natural ingredients, which also have a good exfoliating effect.

Especially suitable for sensitive skin, and when the skin is more fragile in autumn and winter.