Going to divorce?

Nine-point advice from psychologists

Going to divorce?
Nine-point advice from psychologists

Surveys have shown that for women, if she divorces a second time, only 30% of them choose a third marriage.

This shows that the results of multiple divorces will allow most women to enjoy the rest of their lives, so more and more psychologists have begun to delve deeper, specifically discuss the solution to the marriage crisis, and summarize 9 points of advice.

  Don’t try to find the right and wrong of the marriage problem. Many couples facing marriage crisis are contradicting each other. Blame the other party for intensifying the contradictions, and try to find the right and wrong of the marriage problem, resolve and replace it.

In fact, from the perspective of psychologists, this search for right and wrong is futile, and it will magnify the contradictions of marriage.

There is no right or wrong in marriage.

  Intimate reminder: Many times it is often our impulse or laziness that makes the marriage come to an end.

And for more part of the time, we over-emphasize the mistakes in marriage, demanding each other too much, and even becoming harsh often. Look at these dangerous practices that push marriage to the margins. Do you have it?

  According to marriage experts, western psychologists are actively paying attention to families with children. Whether to divorce or not, do not divorce.

If the divorced parents remarry both, these children have to face two mothers and fathers, and find balance among the four parents. This is really difficult for their young age.

  Inviting relatives and friends to intervene is getting worse. When a marriage crisis comes, a lot of women continue to talk to relatives and friends to tell them, but the results are getting worse. Why?

According to marriage experts, this kind of confession has caused him to become more prejudiced about the relationship between husband and wife, telling over and over again, among which friends and relatives will not favor the party that confessed?

So helping you to crusade the other side will cause fuel to the fire.

  Don’t imitate other people’s methods to solve the marriage crisis. Admonitions such as marriage experts, women who are facing a marriage crisis, cannot choose to imitate others’ methods when they choose a solution.

Because the type of each family is different, there is no exactly the same contradiction, it is possible that there is a universal and effective method that is just not suitable for you, so how to find your marriage or even the “good time” in love bringsVery necessary.

  Do n’t try to dilute the marriage crisis with extramarital affairs. There is a lady who dilutes the marriage crisis with extramarital affairs while her husband is studying abroad. As a result, she enters such a misunderstanding. The passion and temporary happiness of extramarital affairs cannot meet her ultimate needs. As a result,The cost of ending the first marriage.

  The party looking forward to resolving the marriage crisis should not think that they are too aggrieved. For the desired goal, it is worthwhile to endure these minor grievances.

Keep in mind that only by actively changing yourself can you take the initiative to master the fate of marriage.

  Don’t ignore the dangers of the cold war. Some couples think that the cold war or separation can extinguish the flames of war. It is not known that this negative cold war will only aggravate the crisis, and it is often more lethal than quarrels.

The prospects of the Cold War are often desperate. No one will think about the crisis of marriage during this time, but will wander around in search of their own value.

  Finding Positive Conflicts Families should learn about active conflicts. This may be a good way to resolve the marriage crisis and alleviate marriage conflicts.

Positive conflict is that the final result does not cause great harm to both parties, but only a fierce running-in and communication method. After the conflict has resolved many problems, it is helpful to both parties’ understanding.

  Set short-term goals The marriage crisis is “freezing three feet away from the cold of the day.” Need to set specific short-term goals. Don’t expect a small change to make marriage peaceful, and don’t set an abstract goal of a happy marriage.

A realistic short-term goal is most likely to be successfully implemented.

Short-term specific goals do not require too much system support. As long as the party who wishes to improve the marriage crisis makes a small move or a small verbal approach that is contrary to the intensification of contradictions, the range can be changed.