Marathon runners are less susceptible to cancer and sweat can eliminate harmful substances

Marathon runners are less susceptible to cancer and sweat can eliminate harmful substances

Marathon runners are less susceptible to cancer and sweat, which can eliminate harmful substances. Summer is here, and people always sweat easily in hot weather.

And recently, a German scientist found after years of research that because the human body sweats, it can excrete harmful substances in the body, and people who sweat for a long time greatly reduce the risk of cancer.

  Online exposure: Marathon runners are not susceptible to cancer. It is reported that Dr. Allenst of German Sports Medicine collected the “sweat” of marathon runners who run more than 30 kilometers a day and analyzed their sweat components.Waiting for heavy metal substances.

  The cancer under Dr. Ellenster is: Marathon runners who run more than 30 kilometers a day, while exhaling a large amount of sweat from the deep inside the body, they also excrete the carcinogenic component “heavy metals” accumulated in the body, completely eliminating the root cause of the cancer.Players are less susceptible to cancer.

Therefore, if you want to be healthy and longevity, you need to sweat a lot once a day, no matter what method you use to make your body sweat.

  Experiment: The lead content in sweat and urine is 17 times different. Seeing this, everyone seems a little confused. In fact, in addition to sweating, urination can also discharge the human waste from the body. How much is actually relative?

  Doctors say that although urine can also excrete heavy metals, the function of excreting toxins is far less than that of sweating.

Because the sweat discharged from the human body contains a large amount of heavy metals, it even makes people feel refreshed and has great help to the spirit.

  It is reported that German scientists tested the content of heavy metal elements in marathon runners’ sweat and urine (measured the content of heavy metals per 100 grams).

As a result, they found that the amount of heavy metal elements in sweat and urine was very different.

For example, lead content: sweat 84, urine 4.

9; Cadmium content: sweat 6.

5, urine 0.

65; Cobalt content: Khan 1.

2, urine 0.

6; nickel content: sweat 32, urine 3.

Copper content: sweat 0.

11, urine 0.


  Analysis: Not everyone is suitable for marathon doctors. It is true that if people exercise regularly or like sports, sweating is unavoidable.

Every time a person sweats a lot, there is a feeling of briskness.

Moreover, people who exercise regularly can improve the body’s immunity and eliminate toxins from the body, which is beneficial to the body.

  In addition, people who exercise often are more optimistic and cheerful. Good mood and mood are also a good way to fight cancer.

  At the same time, the doctor reminded that, for example, the marathon mentioned in the previous article, he did not agree with it, because this is an extreme sport and may not be suitable for everyone. This high-intensity exercise may not cause cancer, but it is not harmful to the human body.Skeletal muscle ligaments are damaged to varying degrees.

  Therefore, it is not recommended that everyone use the form of marathon to sweat.

Doctors recommend that ordinary citizens substitute a suitable, healthy and effective exercise method to sweat happily and lead a healthy life.

  Question: Can sauna steaming replace sweating as well? Some people may choose to sweat while exercising, while others may like sweating sauna. They are also sweating. Can they replace each other?

  Doctors say that modern people who work hard seem to forget about exercise or lack of exercise, and want to perform sweat detoxification at least daily.

Of course, you can also consider SPA, steam bath, which can increase the body temperature and achieve the effect of sweating, and discharge the heavy metals or chemical poisons in the body.

  But he also admits that this method belongs to passive perspiration, which is good for replacing toxins in the body, but mixed with exercise, passive perspiration will not exercise the heart and lung functions and improve the body’s immunity like exercise.