[How to make baby food supplement vegetable juice]_Baby food supplement_How to make

[How to make baby food supplement vegetable juice]_Baby food supplement_How to make

There are many kinds of complementary foods for little babies. Some moms, in order to make the baby absorb more nutrients, will choose some vegetables and fruits when they give them complementary foods. Sometimes they may choose porridge.Some vegetables are added to it, and sometimes the vegetables are directly made into vegetable puree and vegetable juice, which is directly fed to the baby. So how can the baby’s complementary food vegetable juice be prepared?

What is vegetable juice? Vegetable juice is a juice product obtained by using vegetables as raw materials through physical methods such as pressing, centrifugation, and extraction.

Vegetable juice can often release toxins and wastes accumulated in the body. After the vegetable juice enters the human digestive system, it causes the blood to be alkaline, solubilizes the toxins accumulated in the cells, and replaces the body.

Feeding your baby some fresh vegetables can meet his growth needs in time and make him grow healthier.

The baby is still young, and the mother can use fresh vegetable ingredients, delicious and nutritious vegetable juice, or choose ready-made vegetable juice on the market, feed him with a bottle or a small spoon, and eat it with rice noodles.

If you make your own vegetable juice, your mother can choose more popular vegetables, squeeze only one vegetable at a time, and add it to your baby one by one, so that you can accurately know that your baby prefers a certain taste.

7-9 months baby complementary food vegetable puree vegetable juice practice1, choose vegetables can be used to make vegetable juice a wide variety of vegetables, such as: green vegetables, spinach, etc., as long as they are made with their fresh green leaves, but the baby will love to drink, butParents should pay attention, do not choose large irritating vegetables such as fracture onions, garlic, parsley, even if you only add ingredients, they will stimulate your baby’s insulin tract too much.

2. Start making (1) Cleaning: Including cleaning of utensils and cleaning of vegetables.

(2) Remove the roots of the vegetables, cut into small pieces, add boiling water and boil. At this time, pay attention to: do not have too much water, just a small bowl.

(3) The vegetable residue is filtered through a sieve to obtain vegetable juice.

After mixing the vegetable juice with the same amount of warm water, the whole process is completed.