Diet taboos for those with kidney deficiency

Diet taboos for those with kidney deficiency

The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that there is one kidney on the left, one with the gate of life, and one with the internal yin and the other on the inside. It is the internal organ of water and fire, the main essence, the main bone, and the spinal cord.Government, so the physiological function of the kidney is extremely important.

The ancients called the kidney the “congenital foundation” and it was the root of life.

If tiredness, excessive lust, or long-term illness and loss of support, exhausting essence, and thus manifestation of kidney deficiency.

People with kidney deficiency are usually divided into kidney qi depletion and kidney yin trauma.

Kidney qi depletion can be caused by insufficiency of kidney qi, or lack of kidney qi, or lack of kidney yang, or flooding of kidney deficiency. Generally, pale complexion, soft lumbar spine, hearing loss, frequent urination, and even irritability, Ejaculation, premature ejaculation, or impotence, or leaching after urination, or cold and cold, limbs are not warm, or moving asthma, chronic cough, shortness of breath, or lower limb edema, according to mud, etc.May have kidney yin deficiency or yin deficiency and fire dysfunction. Generally, the body is weak, dizziness, tinnitus, shameless forgetfulness, backache, soft legs, or hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, nocturnal emission, nocturnal emission, red tongue and little moss.And other symptoms.

  The principle of avoiding kidney deficiency should be based on their own conditions, should eat foods with kidney and strong waist, strong muscles and bones; those who are kidney yang deficiency, should also take foods with warming kidney yang effect; partial kidney yin deficiencyThose who eat kidney food should also eat some food that nourishes the kidney and yin; those with kidney deficiency and missed symptoms should also eat some food that nourish the kidney and solidify essence.

Those with kidney deficiency should not only take the foods introduced in this section, but also see the foods that should be avoided in the chapters such as yang deficiency, yin deficiency, impotence, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission, low back pain, and senile bone hyperplasia.

People with kidney deficiency generally avoid eating cold and cold things, and spicy and dry food; when kidney deficiency edema occurs, avoid salty diet, and also not eat irritating food such as tobacco, wine, onion and garlic.

  Avoid food products according to the principle of avoidance of kidney deficiency, avoid eating or eating crickets, persimmon, radish, lettuce, lettuce, cucumber, raw sweet potato, watermelon, melon, onion, pepper, mustard, clove, fennel, pepper, mint,Vegetables, chrysanthemums, salt, sauce, liquor and cigarettes.